We are one of the top companies in Azerbaijan for its vast training management capacity

As a leading provider of training management services in Azerbaijan, we believe in the transformative power of education in overcoming poverty in all its forms.

Our commitment to providing inclusive and equitable quality education to all has driven us to create opportunities that foster growth and development. With our extensive experience, resources, proven methodologies, digital solutions, cutting-edge technology, and ability to work with data, we have successfully established regional training programs. In the last two years, we have trained over 20,000 participants in 77 regions of Azerbaijan, and worked with diverse age groups, including those from disadvantaged communities.
Our comprehensive approach to training management goes beyond just conducting trainings. We develop custom teaching materials, source supplies, and engage professional trainers to ensure the highest standards of quality.
Our extensive experience in building a digital training management system and center for large-scale projects positions us as a leader in this field. Additionally, our expertise in managing hybrid and virtual training, transitioning to digital education, preparing training materials, and organizing professional training and workshops across various professional fields make us a valuable partner for organizations seeking to enhance their training programs.


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Training Planning and Management


Digitalization of Vocational Education


Hybrid and Virtual Training Solutions


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